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Survey of Municipal Property Tax Responses to COVID-19 Crisis

Part 1: Municipal and Survey Taker Information

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Terms, Conditions and Acceptance

This survey is being conducted as a means of aggregating general information as to what Ontario municipalities are doing and/or planning with respect to property tax matters in response to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. The purpose is to create a listing of these responses available to all survey participants for general information purposes.
Survey takers should only complete this survey if they have the authority to share the information requested on behalf of their municipality.
Survey takers should not submit any information that is, or could be deemed confidential, politically sensitive, private, or which the survey taker does not have the authority to report on behalf of their municipality.
Reporting of Your Responses
Yes/No and Multiple Choice responses will be included as part of our Provincial and regional summaries and may be included in listings that identify your municipality by name. Written “More Information” responses may be referenced in general terms or within descriptive observations but will also not be attributed directly to your municipality.