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Township of Ear Falls

Vacant Unit Rebate Stakeholder & Public Input Survey

Part 1: Respondent Information

Please indicate all municipalities in which you reside, conduct business and/or pay property taxes. Check all that apply.
Ontario Municipalities

Township of Ear Falls

Other Municipality – Northern Ontario

Other Municipality – Southern Ontario

Are you responsible for the payment/administration of property taxes for a commercial or industrial class property within Township of Ear Falls?
Please indicate one (1) stakeholder category that you feel best represents your perspective in completing this survey:

Part 2: Program Knowledge / Experience

The Vacant Unit Rebate program allows owners of commercial and industrial buildings to apply for a partial rebate of property taxes if all or part of the property was vacant for at least 90 consecutive days and various other criteria are met. Rebates are paid against taxes already levied and are prorated based on the vacant portion and the number of eligible days over the taxation year.
Which best describes your familiarity with the Vacant Unit Rebate Program?

What best describes your personal experience with the Vacant Unit Rebate Program over the past 5 taxation years?

If you have made an application under this program within the past 5 years, what is the approximate annual/ average value of rebate(s) received from the Township of Ear Falls?

If the program were available would you expect to make an application for all or part of the 2018 taxation year?

Part 3: Input and Perspective

The Province of Ontario has provided municipalities with broad flexibility to tailor the treatment of vacant commercial and industrial units in response to local community circumstances, priorities and needs.
The Township of Ear Falls is considering the discontinuation of the Vacant Unit Rebate Program. Would you support or oppose this change?
How do you believe such a change might impact (positively or negatively) any or all of the following?
Your own business / property
The broader business community
Commercial / Industrial Vacancy rates
Active / occupied businesses
The non-business taxpayers of Ear Falls
Other Groups
General Comments: Please provide any general comments or additional information that you feel could not be expressed within the context of the survey questions above.
If you would like to pose a question regarding this initiative, please include your inquiry below

The deadline to make a submission is Wednesday June 27th, 2018.